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Hideo Wakuzawa designed these frames in 1992. Trials and prototypes were developed in a competition bicycle factory, world famous for its carbon quality and fabrication processes.

Today, these tubes are still produced in Japan, and several other models are in development. Aero Stuff has very strict quality control processes for both the raw carbon used and the fabrication processes. You will never find a frame different from another from both a weight or quality perspective.

Aero Stuff has decided to trust R-SKY to promote an extended range of their products and to sponsor all the members of the team. For 10 years now, the best teams, pairs and individuals offers Aero Stuff the most prominent honor roll of pilots.
To fly using Aero Stuff allows you to attain a new level of flying pleasure!

Available versions in 82.5 cm

- Gold : 14.8 gr
- Gold "S" : 14.5 gr
- Silver : 11.5 gr
- Silver "S" : 11.2 gr