> Presentation

A new kite is always an informative adventure for its designer and development team but also for the freestyler that sleeps within you. The Krystal FX, no doubt, will be a new step in that direction for you and for us?

The Krystal FX doesn?t hesitate with the more difficult tricks. Backspins, Multilazies, Yoyos?

Not only very capable at tricks, this kite also enjoys the less difficult aspects of flying; beautiful arcs or a sharp angle.

Are there candidates awaiting?

Price in Euros :

- STD Skyshark 239.00 | Icone 299.00
- LW Skyshark 259.00 | Icone 319.00
- WW Skyshark 269.00 | Icone 329.00

> Essential

  • Multiple Reinforcements
  • Weight included
  • Yoyo Stopers and covered Leading Edges
  • Great Freestyler